Take a deep breath and relax.

MindFoolGames is a collection of generative art sketches, animations, simulations, and mini-games.

Some of these items will be best viewed on a computer monitor or tablet but this is a mobile first world, so most everything will work on a smartphone.

Currently we are focused on projects using p5.js (a web-enabled version of the Processing language) and Phaser (an HTML5 game framework).

Tiled Ortho Cube


Tiled Ortho Cube is a p5.js sketch that takes the previous work of Ortho Cube and makes a tileable texture out of it.

Tiled Image


Tiled Image is a p5.js sketch that highlights the ability of the Adobe Capture App to capture an image from your camera and turn it into a tileable texture.

Ortho Cube


OrthoCube is a p5.js sketch that draws an orthographic cube with cross hatching on each of the sides. Let your eyes shift focus and the perspective will flip from looking inside a box to looking at the outside.



Waves is a p5.js sketch that animates rolling waves in a soothing fashion.

Diagonal Tiles


Diagonal Tiles is a p5.js sketch that transitions between several states that form different patterns. The original idea came from a video of a puzzle box that I saw online.

Angular Velocity


Angular Velocity is a p5.js sketch that is designed to match the linear velocity of several objects moving around the screen to the angular velocity of a circle orbiting the center of the screen.

Spiro Petals


Spiro Petals is a p5.js sketch that draws petal shapes to form a flower-like image. It then repeats itself, switching between colors. All of this over a rotating background.

You control the color of the foreground and background.



Tiles is a p5.js sketch that randomly places tiles with a diagonal line on a grid to form an abstract image.

Every few seconds a new image is generated. You can control the size of the tiles and the color of the foreground and background.



Montana is a solitaire game using the Phaser.IO game engine.

First Phaser Game... Goal!!!


Goal!!! is a simple Phaser.IO game.

Just tap the direction you want your ship to move in and race your opponent to the goal.

Spinning Circles


Nested or Spinning Circles is a simple p5.js sketch that expands and shrinks four circles.

Optionally it will also spin them around the center point.

Nested Box Flower


The Nested Box Flower is a p5.js sketch that rotates and shrinks a plain gray box with a black border to make a flower design.

The idea is inspired by the Spirograph that I had as a child.