Take a deep breath and relax.

MindFoolGames is a collection of generative art sketches, animations, simulations, and mini-games.

Some of these items will be best viewed on a computer monitor or tablet but this is a mobile first world, so most everything will work on a smartphone.

Currently we are focused on projects using p5.js (a web-enabled version of the Processing language) and Phaser (an HTML5 game framework).

First Phaser Game... Goal!!!


Goal!!! is a simple Phaser.IO game.

Just tap the direction you want your ship to move in and race your opponent to the goal.

Spinning Circles


Nested or Spinning Circles is a simple p5.js sketch that expands and shrinks four circles.

Optionally it will also spin them around the center point.

Nested Box Flower


The Nested Box Flower is a p5.js sketch that rotates and shrinks a plain gray box with a black border to make a flower design.

The idea is inspired by the Spirograph that I had as a child.